Succeed in IELTS 9: Practice Tests

Succeed In IELTS: 9 Practice Tests helps you familiarize yourself with the format of the exam. The book gives candidates a full-colour IELTS Academic Exam Guide analysing all four sections of the exam, together with justifications of the answers.

There are also model compositions for both writing tasks for learners to analyse the structure of an essay themselves and have a basic form to follow.

With IELTS Academic Examination, it is truly necessary to hold some useful tips for all sections to complete the test as quick and precise as you can.

The Self-Study Guide includes:

- Audio scripts and Answer Key
- Writing Supplement including model compositions and example candidate answers at varying levels, followed by detailed justifications of the marks awarded.
- Justification of the answers for the listening (the answers are underlined in the audio script) and the reading sections of each practice test.

Please click here to download eBook and Audio.

Enjoy learning!

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